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Buy Music Wall Art Online at Art Cartels

Music wall art brings energy, passion, and inspiration to any space. From jazz musicians to rockstars, musical instruments, and more – our music art features a wide selection of styles, mediums, and color palettes. Whether you love photography, mixed media, or abstract illustrations of your favorite artists, our museum-quality music wall decor has something for you.

Benefits of Music Wall Art for Your Space

Hanging music wall art in your home or office provides many advantages beyond just decoration. Studies show that looking at art reduces stress, increases focus, and enhances your mood. Music art in particular can energize and uplift your space. The colors, textures, and subjects promote creativity, joy, and mindfulness.

Music wall art also pairs beautifully with your existing furniture, accents, and greenery. For example, hang Photography of woodwind instruments alongside your indoor plants. Or place colorful mixed media pieces near your couch and chairs to complement the fabrics. Music art works in any style and adds life to your decor.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Music Wall Art

When shopping for music wall art, keep the below factors in mind:

  • Your personal taste – choose art you connect with and love looking at
  • The room size and existing decor – pick appropriately sized art in colors that complement
  • Whether you want bold, subtle, or neutral art for the space

By keeping these aspects in mind, you can select music wall art that fits seamlessly into your home.

Available in Multiple Sizes

Our music wall art comes in a variety of sizes to work in any room. Choose from:

– Small prints (12×16 inches) for tight spaces
– Medium pieces (32×48 inches) for most rooms
– Oversized art (45×60 inches or larger) for grand, dramatic statements

Avoid sizing mistakes like picking a piece too small to see details or overly large where it overwhelms you. Our size guide helps you find a music wall art size ideal for each room.

Explore A Huge Variety of Music Colors and Styles

The music art selection includes every color palette and style imaginable. Determine which colors complement your existing space and make you feel peaceful, focused, or energetic. Cool blues and greens promote relaxation, while bold reds and oranges create excitement.

You’ll also find music wall art in any style. Photographic prints capture realistic musical moments frozen in time. Illustrations range from whimsical to abstract. Mixed media pieces layer paper, acrylic, found objects and more onto the canvas. And expressionist paintings use color, brushstrokes and texture to convey emotions.

Museum Quality, Fully Assembled, Ready to Hang

We produce music wall art to museum standards for longevity and visual impact. The pieces are:

  • Printed on thick 410gsm artist-grade canvas with fade-resistant archival inks
  • Professionally hand-stretched on durable and sustainable pine wood frames
  • Fully assembled with pre-installed industrial-grade sawtooth hangers
  • Ready to mount right out of the box – no additional hardware needed

You get art ready to display immediately that will last for decades.

Get Music Wall Art Delivered To You Anywhere

Art Cartels ships music wall art worldwide quickly and affordably:

  • Orders ship within 5-7 business days
  • Free shipping in the USA and Canada on orders $149+
  • Competitive international shipping rates
  • Trackable delivery so you know exactly when your art will arrive

Shop Music Wall Art from Art Cartels Today

Discover beautiful, inspiring music art for your home or office. With stunning photography, mixed media originals, vivid paintings, and more, we have music wall decor to match any style and space. Shop our music art today!

Why Collectors Trust Art Cartels

Handmade in the USA30+ years of experience in digital printing with a global footprint
Museum Quality, Lifetime Durability, Environmentally FriendlyPrinted on artist-grade 410gsm canvas with UL-certified GREENGUARD GOLD ink to last 200+ years while ensuring hospital-grade air quality
Sustainable Materials & Eco-Friendly PackagingOur gallery wood frames are sourced from FSC-certified sustainable forests. Our cutting-edge machinery uses recycled materials and reduces 28% of cardboard usage
Artists Supported & 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed100,000+ Officially Licensed Artwork from thousands of renowned and emerging artists. 100% satisfaction or 100% refund.
24/7 Support, 20,000+ Happy CustomersOur super-friendly customer support will answer all your questions