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Want to sell your art on museum-quality canvas? Send us a link to your online portfolio at and get a chance to list your art on Art Cartels. Time to turn your passion into a money-making machine.

How It Works

start selling in 3 steps

Listing your artwork on Art Cartels is as easy as a walk in the park. We handle most of the work for you.

Step-1: Send your portfolio

Send a link to your portfolio to

Step-2: We review

Our Curation Team will review your artwork within 72 hours.

Step-3: let us do the rest

We’ll get back to you with further instructions on how to submit your designs and create an account. Once we receive all your files, our team will generate mockups and upload your designs with SEO-optimized titles and descriptions.

Why selling your art on art cartels is a good idea?

High Commission
Artists come from 70+ Countries
Ship to 50+ Countries
20,000+ Artists On Board
Do What You Love
We provide a free marketplace where you can sell your designs as canvas prints.
Eco-friendly and durable packaging ensures your masterpiece gets delivered safely.
Customer Service
No need to worry about customer inquiries as our super-friendly customer service handles everything.
Highest Quality Product
All artworks are printed on museum-grade canvas with non-toxic inks that last 200 years. Framed with sustainably sourced pine wood. Ready to hang.
Worldwide Shipping
Shipping to more than 50 countries (including the biggest size).
Safe Transactions
All payments are secured by Stripe

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s great to hear that you want to join Art Cartels! We will happily review your submission.

Please send us your portfolio at so we can get familiar with your artistic style.

Just note that our colleagues from the Curation Team will verify only messages with a link to your online portfolio (social media, website, blog, etc.).

Applications that do not include any link will not be considered.

We will get in touch with you within 72 hours.

  • Only high-quality files are published
  • Minimum 300 DPI in RGB mode only
  • Maximum JPG size: 50 MB
  • Minimum JPG size: 5 MB
  • Maximum Pixels: 17500px
  • Minimum Pixels: 3456 x 5184 px (preferably above 7200 x 9600 px)
  • Compatible Aspect Ratio: (your files must be in the following ratios)
    • 1:1 (Square)
    • 1:2 (Panoramic Horizontal & vertical)
    • 2:3 (Horizontal & Vertical)
    • 3:4 (Horizontal & Vertical)
  • Sending your artwork files: folders must be structured by aspect ratio (e.g. 3:4 folder, 1:2 folder, 2:3 folder, etc)
  • No logos, no watermarks, no borders
  • The whole content of the design must be included in one uploaded file
  • No multiple uploads of the same image with slightly changed colour palette or tiny detail

Becoming an Artist on Art Cartels is 100% free! 😊

We provide competitive commissions. Please get in touch with us at

Art Cartels reserves the right to reject any artwork during the validation process that is not in line with the profile of our website or doesn’t meet our technical criteria.

The most common reasons for artwork’s rejection are: low-quality files and borders or text being too close to the edge.

Our copyright policy is based on one rule: whenever an artist uploads artwork, they will continue to have ownership of the piece for as long as the artwork stays on our site.

Our goal is to protect the artist’s artwork, along with their intellectual and artistic property. You can read more about copyrights here.

Once you get accepted, we will request you to send your artwork files. Simply follow the given instructions and we will handle the rest.

Yes, simply send it to us when we request your artwork files and we’ll do the heavy lifting.

Unfortunately, we don’t have such a feature at the moment.

If you find that your artwork has been deactivated, please contact us here from the e-mail associated with your account.

Join us as an Artists & start earning money with Art Cartels

Art Cartels reserves the right to decline program applications for any reason at any time. By way of example, Art Cartels will deny applicants who have published or promoted content deemed to be hateful or abusive, or otherwise in violation of the Art Cartels Terms of Service. By joining the Art Cartels Programs, you agree to abide by the Art Cartels Rules Regarding Information and Other Content available for review in the Art Cartels Terms of Service.